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Since 2011 we have been providing IT and software services to our customers of all sizes in several different industries. With the help of our ever-growing team, we offer turn-key project development, outsourcing services and consultancy services with a great deal of engineering and quality perspective.


We dedicate our efforts to understand our client's business domain and its direction, as well as business processes and priorities. This way Intebu could be able to offer technology solutions that is best-fit and tailor-made for business needs. We always provide the newest technologies and future proof solutions to create great business value for our clients not only for today but also for the upcoming challenges.


Intebu offers a spectrum of solutions that spans Custom Application Development to IT Consultancy Services. Our key competencies are; Staff Planning, Organization, Augmentation and Outsourcing Services, Turn-key Project Development and Consultancy Services, Guiding clients through complex migration projects, Systems Integration Services, Testing services. We always provide the complete stack of solutions with a great engineering perspective.


We beleive that the most valuable asset of a company is human resource so we have a great team of professionals with different skill sets and responsibilities. Our team consists of dynamic people that are ready for any business domain or any technical challenge. Every single member of the team passionately dedicated to the quality of the services that we offer. We especially believe in Open Source Technologies / Frameworks and we support these communities by involving in open source projects.




    Organization of even a small development team within an enterprise have always been a hard task. In today's competent business environment enterprises should only be interested in their core businesses. Putting a development team together is rather a strange task for any organization whose core line of business is different.

    Competitive businesses and enterprises that are willing to secure their work must also meet their IT requirements. Intebu backs-up these enterprises by adding smart man-power/human resource, project management resources and helps lowering of costs with better quality solutions and finished projects.

    Intebu offers several outsourcing paths alongside with the outsourcing management, contracts management and sub-contractor management.


    Intebu's custom application development services provide the necessary IT Systems for our clients. Our expert business analysts understands your business requirements thoroughly and precisely. Then Intebu IT Architects prepares system architecture which will be the blue-print of the solution. Alongside with development, Intebu will deliver rapid prototypes and will make you involved earlier in the project.

    Depending on the client's technology infrastructure and human resources we can work on several different platforms and with several different programming environments.

    Key Technologies that we offer: JAVA/Java EE, Scala, Microsoft .NET, Objective-C, Adobe Flex
    We rely on industry-standard software development practices and continuously test the applications to ensure bug-free products.


    Intebu offers customized and flexible testing services which can be categorized as follows:

    • Load / Stress / Performance Testing Services
    • Blackbox Testing
    • Integration Testing
    • User Acceptance Testing

    Load / Stress / Performance Testing Services
    Whether your application is a web based one or a legacy database application, Intebu offers application Load Testing services regardless of the nature of your application. If you want to analyze your application's behavior and performance under load conditions these tests will give you the right point of view before the production phase.

    Blackbox Testing Services
    Intebu could be able to deliver Blackbox tests to ensure the right behavior of the product. With requirements and expected functionality in hand verification and validation of the system can be done by our engineers.

    Integration Testing
    Regardless of the infrasturcuture or complexity of your applications, Intebu could be able to test the integrated modules to verify combined functionality after integration. Modules are typically code modules, external applications, client and server applications, web applications, service buses, etc.

    User Acceptance Testing
    UAT is an important test to verify if a product meets customer requirements or not. Good UA testing might reduce the overall bug rates and in turn lowering the total maintenance costs after production.


    Business, process and project management teams in software development have traditionally been disconnected and this makes a great deal of inefficiency in software projects. It is really important to have a connected, open, integrated and flexible communication between these parties and this communication should also be supported by tools to make it better.

    Intebu offers professional SDLM services (regardless of your Software Development Methodology) and can help you identify the bottlenecks of your SDLC model. We can provide assessment, improvement re-configuration, re-organization and integration services on the field of SDLM.

    We are especially keen on setting up/configuring/using/managing the following as a solution package (we also provide other solutions not listed here):

    Atlassian products such as Jira, Confluence, Fisheye; in addition to these open source solutions like CVS/Git/SVN, Eclipse IDE, Mylyn..

    With these technologies at hand, all members of the project team can be on the same track at the same time.


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